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Starting now, we will only be doing bath & brush at Redwind but for our customers needing more grooming services we are booking through Canine Corral. 

Grooming is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and clean. Rewind Pet Resort has an experienced grooming staff and full service salon ready to serve your pets needs. We offer full service bathing & grooming for ALL BREEDS and ALL SIZES of cats and dogs. 


• Nail Trimming with Grinding/Smoothing will be attempted on every dog.
• Ear Cleaning: Dog-specific ear cleaner is used and removal of hair in the ear canal as needed.
• Bath: A doggy PH balanced shampoo makes your pups look and smell amazing!

• Anal Gland Expression: External only

• Brush: A relaxing brushing with brushes and combs that suit your dog’s hair type. Extensive undercoat brush out or de-matting may incur additional charge. Please ask for an estimate.

• Hair Cut: The hair cut of your choice depending on coat condition. Sanitary clipping of potty areas and pads of feet as needed.

Grooming Pricing

Grooming prices vary by breed. Mixed breeds are determined by size and breed mix. There may also be slight price adjustments based on size and condition of your dog.

Most of small dogs under 20lbs can receive a full haircut grooming service for $45.

To inquire more about pricing or to make an appointment feel free to give us a call or stop by! 405-329-9129 


Extra Services Menu

• Toothbrushing Services: Petzlife is an amazing dental product just for pets! A toothbrushing with a pet tooth brush and 100% natural dental gel followed by a spritz of breath freshening dental spray! This is a great product for tartar prevention & increasing time in between veterinary teeth cleanings. Please add $10 to your grooming price.
• Deep Conditioning: Re-moisturizing treatments for dry skin. $5-$10 depending on size.
• Anti Itching Treatment: Two product system- An oatmeal based anti-itch shampoo is followed by an oatmeal based anti-itch treatment that will help provide relief. $5-$15 depending on size of dog.

• De-Shedding Treatment: This service includes special tools & shampoos to greatly reduce your dogs shedding. $5-$15 depending on your dogs size & condition.

• Please ask us about our additional SPA products for your specific dog(s) needs.
• Flea Treatment: We require all clients to be on a flea and tick preventative but sometimes an additional product is needed. Nitenpyram is a vet approved flea treatment that kills fleas for 24 hours and is available if needed

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to taking care of your pet! 


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